Simple Conversions & Calculations


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Get even and odd numbered letters:

Reverse the text:
Output symbols in groups:

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Convert letter pairs (26 or less dfferent pairs) to single letters:

Convert letter pairs (100 or less dfferent pairs) to digit pairs:
Convert monome-dinome to single letters: using row labels:
Convert key word/phrase to complete key:

Get decimations of an alphabet:
Convert digits to single letters A-J:

Convert single letters A-J to digits:
Convert digits in 0-9 order to 1-0 order:

Convert digits in 1-0 order to 0-9 order:
Convert alphabetic Myszkowski key to numerical key:

Convert Columnar or monome-dinome alphabetic key to numeric (0-9) key:
Extract letters from text and count them:

Inverse Vigenere family key: